Tips To Solve iPhone Reboot Problem


Are you troubled by the problem that iPhone keeps rebooting without unknown reasons? Such problems are reported on Apple forum many times, so do you find methods to solve the rebooting problem? If not, keep reading here and tips are shared below. 

So do you know why your iPhone keeps restarting? If your iPhone tends to reboot over and over again, it probably means that there are something going wrong on your iPhone in terms of software, content, or hardware. However, it’s actually difficult to tell which one is the cause. Therefore, we should find out the culprit at first.

Check whether the storage of your iPhone is using up. If so, it might be due to insufficient memory. If the rebooting issue happens after you open a specific app/tweak, the app/tweak must be the one to be blame. Otherwise, if it’s caused by hardware problem, it would be hard to tell. Moreover, this post cannot help solve any hardware, so you have to take it for professional repair.

Also, if you lose data due to iPhone continuously restarting problem, you can let iFonebox help you find and get back lost data from iPhone.  Next are tips shared below.

Tips to fix iPhone keep rebooting issue

Tip 1. Hard Restart your iPhone. Hard reboot will force to turn off all programs in the background as well as re-load configuration. It’s the easiest and simplest way to try.

Tip 2. Clear up redundant content. Some people said that it’s caused by storage problem. If your iPhone is running out of storage, please try to remove unnecessary data like Photos, Videos, Messages, Voice Memos.

Tip 3. Check whether it’s an app or a tweak making a nuisance. If an app or a tweak is incompatible with iPhone or having bugs, iPhone will keeps rebooting due to self-protection. Accordingly, some people find that iPhone goes black and turns on after launching Instagram, so you might try to delete and re-install Instagram again.

Tip 4Restore your iPhone via iTunes. Please ensure that you’ve made a full backup for your iPhone. Since restoring iPhone would erase current data, you should keep your important content safe with a backup available. Then, connect iPhone to iTunes and put it into Recovery Mode. Next, go to “Summary” page and click “Restore” to re-install iOS of your iPhone.

Tip 5. Reset iPhone as a new device. This method will totally wipe out your iPhone content and settings and reset it as a brand new iPhone. Please try this way only if the former methods fail. Also, back up your iPhone in advance before you proceed. When you’re ready, go to “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” on iPhone and select “Erase All Content and Settings”.


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