What Should I Do If iCloud Backup Couldn’t Be Completed Or I Can’t Restore?

icloud backup couldn’t be finished or downloaded

iCloud automatically backs up your iOS device information daily over Wi-Fi when your device is turned on, locked, and connected to a power source. However, it’s not uncommon to encounter some problems while backing up via iCloud, here we are going to share you some tips and hope them can help you.

If your device won’t automatically back up at night, here’re what you need to do:

  • Make sure that iCloud Backup is turned on in Settings >Your Name> iCloud > iCloud Backup
  • Connect your device to a power source
  • Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network
  • Make sure that your device’s screen is locked
  • Check that you have enough available space in iCloud for the backup

(PS: If there’s an alert says that there’s not enough iCloud storage, you can make a smaller backup or delete unwanted photos and videos. You can delete older backups that you don’t want. You are also allowed to upgrade your iCloud storage.)

Get help restoring from an iCloud backup:

  • Make sure that you’re connected to Wi-Fi, because you can’t restore from a backup over a cellular Internet connection.
  • If the restore process takes a long time to finish, you should stay connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network and a functional power source until the process finishes.

What if a message says that your restore is incomplete or some items won’t restore?

  • If a message says something like, “Restoring 350 of 1200 items,” then your photos are probably still being restored. Keep your device connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network and a power outlet so that the process can finish.
  • If you see a grayed-out app or one that takes a long time to load, make sure that you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. Next, tap the app to pause the process, then tap it again to continue. If this doesn’t fix the issue, delete and redownload the app.
  • When your backup contains purchases that were made from more than one Apple ID, a message asks you to sign in with multiple Apple IDs. If you can’t remember a password or didn’t purchase an app using your own Apple ID account, you might see this message:
  • “Some apps or content can’t be restored, because they are no longer available in the iTunes or App Store, were purchased with a different account, or were synced from your computer.” If you have this content saved in iTunes on your Mac or PC, try syncing your device with your computer to restore your content.

Is there another way to back up or retrieve files?

The answer is definitely yes! Some backup utilities are designed to back up specific kinds of files, such as photos, texts, notes or many other data. iFonebox is such a professional and reliable program which enables you to selectively transfer data from devices to your computer. It can also be used to help you extract target files from iTunes/iCloud backup without restoring the entire backup.  

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