What Should You Do Before Updating iOS 9.3?


iOS 9.3 is a major and exciting update for iOS 9 users, and most of them are like to install it on the iPhone or iPad right away. That’s fine but we recommend doing a little prep work before you make your move to the next version of iOS 9. iOS 9.3 went through an extensive beta process but problems can and will slip through the cracks. Please be fully prepared to the most current update. 

Be familiar with iOS 9.3 new features.

Learn as much as you can about the lates update. iOS 9.3 is larger than most incremental iOS updates. It delivers bug fixes and security patches but it also comes with some big changes to iOS 9’s feature set. If you have installed the beta version of iOS 9.3, you can simply skip this step.

Another thing you need to be familiar is the fixes for the bugs caused by iOS 9.3, in case that something goes wrong while you are updating to or runing iOS 9.3 on your iPhone or iPad.

Free Up Enough Storage Space for the iOS 9.3 Updating

If you don’t want to set up your iPhone as new after updating to iOS 9.3, please make sure that there is enough storage space for the iOS 9.3 updating installation. You can free up the storage space by deleting the voice memos, photos and videos from your iPhone. Of course, you need to back up all the data before the deletion. This, brings us to the third steps for our prep work.

Note: iOS 9.3 is a large update and it could require some free space on your device. If you run into this problem, and you don’t want to delete any of your files, you’ll need to install it via iTunes.

Back Up your iPhone

There are different ways to create a backup for your iPhone before updating to iOS 9.3.

You can back up your iPhone to your computer through iTunes or third party iPhone data recovery software like iFonebox. Or you can back up your iPhone to iCloud by creating an iCloud backup. I am not going to get down to details about how to back up iPhone to iTunes or iCloud. You can read the tutorials about how to back up iPhone on our blog.

The only thing I would like to mention about iFonebox is that iFonebox can back up important data like contacts, notes, messages, whatsapp messages, photos, voice memos, and photos etc to computer as readable files.

Make Sure the iPhone is sufficiently charged

If you prefer the OTA updating, please make sure that your iPhone at least 50% charged. If you want to avoid installing via iTunes, now would be a good time to find a Lightning Cable and charge up your phone or tablet.

Find A Fast Wi-Fi Network Connection

If you want to get it downloaded and installed ASAP, you’ll want to find a fast Wi-Fi connection. You cannot start the iOS 9.3 download with a cellular connection. You’ll need Wi-Fi.

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