Will You Choose $67 Cheaper 8GB iPhone 5c

Well, the rumor was true: Apple really has taken what was seemingly a less popular phone than expected, and released a 8GB version of iPhone 5c. Even more surprisingly, the company confirmed to Fortune that the 8GB version of the iPhone 5C will be sold in only five markets: U.K., France, Germany, Australia and China.

Aside from the reduced capacity offering, there aren’t any changes to the device. This new 8 GB model seems to be designed to help pick up a few more sales in the low-cost phone arena where the 8 GB iPhone 4s may have seemed like a much less attractive device. The newer version includes Apple’s custom dual-core A6 processor, an 8 MP iSight camera, and FaceTime HD camera.

Let’s take the UK as an example. When discussing pricing, I’m going to compare full retail prices.
The 16GB iPhone 5c in the UK costs $780. All the evidence suggests that a lot of the people Apple expected to buy that instead opted to spend $133 more to get the iPhone 5s. Which makes perfect sense to me: that relatively modest bump in price gets you a lot more phone for your money.

But, sure, that will still be too high for some, so there’s the iPhone 4S still available – only the 8GB model – at $580. That’s $200 less, so you can understand that the more budget-minded would opt for that.
So, this new 8GB iPhone 5c. That costs $713. That’s just $67 less than the 16GB model, but still $133 more than the 4S. So I asked myself a couple of questions …

First, who would buy this new model? If you’re hard-pressed for cash, and want to buy a brand new iPhone at the lowest possible cost, you’re still going to buy the 4S. If you can afford to spend $133 more on a 5c, wouldn’t you then save just that tiny bit longer for the additional $67 it will cost you to get a usable 16GB model?

Given all that, this 8GB version of iPhone 5c may be Suitable for mothers who carry no music and videos, rarely takes pics, and only plays some simple games like candy crush, also likes the colors and the screen size of the 5c.

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